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Living Practically To Afford Luxury

Few people have been able to discover the relationship between what is basic and luxury in life. However, history has shown that most persons in all societies and in any country, long for comfortable living. To enjoy luxury in life, matters pertaining to the most basic of human needs – food, clothing, and shelter, should

Short In Food Budget? Cook Frugally

Excellent budgeting of one’s finances does not exempt a person from experiencing fund shortages for his/her food supply in the future. Setting aside money for his/her wants, savings, and investment needs is very important. An individual’s priority, however, should be the amount needed for his/her basic necessities, which include food, clothing, and shelter, the most

Get the Ideal Car for Yourself

Nowadays, owning one’s own vehicle – his/her own ideal car in particular is slowly becoming a necessity more than a luxury. Each individual has his/her own objective/s for buying one. One may get it for convenience and practicality purposes, to help them get by their daily travel routines more efficiently and perform their daily duties

Purchasing Priceless Presents for Parents and Peers

Exercising prudence in purchasing a present, especially one that a person wants to be considered as priceless by the gift’s recipient is very important. Human beings naturally want to receive something special from people who are dear to them. Each and every person wants to be remembered and to feel appreciated by someone. And receiving

A Parent’s Responsibility: Money and Psychology

Through the years, many adults, particularly parents and/or guardians, have been using money, as a major tool in forming their children’s behavior. To effectively do this, it is a good to learn and employ some basic concepts in psychology. Many of these adults use money – coins and bills to reward their children for good

Guidelines On Giving To Groups

Though giving finances – donating funds from one’s own pockets to groups advocating noble causes is something good, having a way of doing this is important, especially since it involves money matters. However fine sharing of one’s financial blessings to certain causes may be, there are people who still avoid involvement with them since, more

Controlling Cash and Credit To Decrease Debt

Cash and credit are the two (2) most common means of how an individual expends his/her financial resources to acquire goods and avail of services but, if mismanagement, might result to debt. Thus, learning to control – how and when to use them is very important. Knowledge and skills in managing one’s cash and credit

Get A Piggy To Get A Habit

The habit of saving money is so important and should be introduced in one’s childhood years. But teaching the value of this practice to youngsters is not an easy task. Human beings, even children, are inclined to spend money than save it. But this can be addressed using even the simplest, most common and traditional

Are Investing and Gambling Important?

A clear understanding of what investing and gambling , is essential for good financial management. These two (2) words, often heard, yet usually taken for granted, have deeper implications to every individual’s economic resources more than one can ever imagine, since, like any type of reserve, finances can become depleted if not spent wisely. So