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Myths About Debts Debunked

Although it might seem like it, debt is not really the root of all your problems. From struggling with credit card bills to making minimum payments on loans, the bills just never seem to stop piling up. Indeed, owing money brings about awful feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. But the truth behind all that is

Effective Debt Management Techniques

Debt is a highly misconstrued concept. Most people would balk at the idea of incurring debt as they are scared of going to the poor house, like many others. But debt, like credit cards, is a mere financial tool to aid you in reaching your financial goals within the quickest time possible. Debt can work

Three Skills Needed to Becoming Rich

Amassing a lot of money would be the dream and goal of every breathing human being. But becoming rich is not something that can be done overnight. It is a state that one can get to only with sheer determination and a lot of discipline. But aside from these qualities, it is also important that

Steps to Clearing Off Debt

It is a brand new year filled with new resolutions and goals. Despite the many plans you might have, one of the most important goals you would need to make would be regarding your finances, especially if you had incurred a bit of debt during the past year. Had a rough time last year with

Money Lessons for Kids

One of the most important things a parent can teach their child would be those related to money. By teaching your children lessons about money, you will not only be passing to them a deeper understanding of how to manage money, but you will also be able to pass on your values to your child:

How to Get out of Debt

Everyone, at some point if not for a major part of their life, has had some debt to settle. When you say you are in debt, it could be in these three forms: (a) you borrowed any amount of cash and did not put up any collateral, (b) you had some credit extended to you,

Get Your Money’s Worth While Shopping

Shopping can be one of the most enjoyable pastimes for many individuals. But one thing that makes it memorable and worthwhile would be being able to get a good buy. After all, there is nothing like the feeling of getting something new at just a fraction of the price advertised. Here are ways on how

How to Make the Most of Your Bonus

One of the most-awaited moments at work would be the time of the year when bonuses are released. The typical bonus that is released by most companies would be the 13th month bonus. Usually given to employees as a way to recognize a job well done, the 13th month usually amounts to an entire month