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How to Avoid Complacency Amid a Successful Business

You’ve worked hard to take your business to where it is now. You deserve to celebrate a thriving business. While there’s nothing wrong in enjoying your success, you can’t be complacent. Just because you are doing well today doesn’t mean it will hold up tomorrow. There could be a new kid on the block It’s

Tips in Dealing With Employee Protests

The last thing you want to see are your employees holding up signs outside your company building and protesting. It’s a sign that you were unable to control things internally and they have to resort to such actions. Regardless of the reasons, it can tarnish your brand. It doesn’t even matter if you believe the

Qualities That Make CEOs Successful

Many people want to be CEOs, but not everyone becomes successful. You might have even heard of news where these people get removed from their posts in a year or less. It’s not an easy job, and it only takes the best mind to stay there. If you aspire to be one, you have to

Things to Do Before Starting a Brand Partnership

Collaborating with other brands is already a norm these days. It’s easier to reach more people when working with an established company. Both brands benefit from the partnership and solidify their place in the industry. However, not all collaborations succeed. Things can go south when not planned well. Therefore, it pays to do these things

Things to Do Before Changing Your Management Team

As the business leader, you want to surround yourself with the right people for the job. You can’t run a business when you don’t trust the management team. You can’t micromanage and be attached in every company decision. You allow these people to help out since they have the experience and expertise. However, there are

Things to Learn from Mass Tech Layoffs

We are still reeling from the mass layoffs in the tech industry. People were caught by surprise when they’ve realized that they no longer have a job. Worse, others received the information via emails or Zoom calls. It seems ironic since the tech industry is supposed to be booming. Social media is bigger than ever

Why Let Go of an Employee Who is Determined to Leave

Employees resign for different reasons. Some are still thinking about it, while others are already decided. When you face a resignation from an asset in your company, it’s hard to accept it. You might even set a conversation to stop this person from leaving. Besides, you don’t want to go through the process again. It’s