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Is It Cruel to Let Go of Sickly Employees?

You might notice that one of your employees takes a leave of absences regularly. At first, you understand what’s going on because it’s the person’s health on the line. However, if it’s a recurring situation, it might seem unacceptable. As such, you decided that it might be time to let go of this employee. Before

The Downsides of Merit-based Bonuses

Giving your employees a bonus is a good thing. It shows that you care about them and you reward them for a job well-done. Usually, companies give bonuses based on how the employees perform. Those who displayed exemplary performance and contributed a lot to the team will receive higher bonuses. On the surface, it seems

Dealing with Employees Who Keep Everyone’s Spirit Down

You expect that every employee working with you is a team player. You want to achieve your goals, and you know that it’s only possible when everyone works together. However, it’s inevitable to find one who doesn’t seem to have that team spirit. Instead of cheering everyone, they tend to pull people down. It’s terrible