Monthly Archive:: July 2020

Reasons for Starting a Business at Your 50s

Most people would discourage you from starting a business later in life. You’re already getting older, and you need to relax. You have already done your share in working hard, and it’s time that you enjoy. Besides, if you’re already aging and you invested your money in a business, it might take time before seeing

How to be a More Accessible Leader to Your Employees

It’s painful to hear that your employees think your inaccessible. It feels like you don’t care about them. Before you react, you have to evaluate your performance first. The feedback might be correct, and you’re just not aware of it. These tips will allow you to be more accessible to the employees and improve your

Signs That You Need to Reshuffle Your Management Team

Managing a team isn’t easy. It requires different skills to succeed as a leader. If there are issues on top, it could affect everyone else. Therefore, you need to pay attention not only on the performances of regular employees, but of people assigned to lead the teams. At some point, you have to consider changes

Protect Your Business from the Cancel Culture

It’s unfortunate that several businesses end up closing as a result of the cancel culture. Information spread online about something terrible that the business did, or stood for, and people decide not to patronize the company anymore. Due to the lack of customers, these businesses decide to cease operations. Although it’s unfortunate, several of these