Monthly Archive:: September 2017

Ways to Improve On Time Payments of Clients

Delayed payments of clients is one of the reasons why your business would eventually end up in bankruptcy. You want to be patient in waiting for them to pay but you also don’t want to force them if they really have nothing to give. Besides, there are laws protecting consumers that you need to go

Business Cards are Still Useful Until Now

Making connections with other people these days has become very easy. For instance, if you are planning on making employment connections to get a job, you can just open an account at LinkedIn. If you want to learn some tips on how to grow a business from other business owners, you can join forums online.

Dealing with Employees who are Shy and Quiet

Teamwork is essential in building a company. It is also great if employees have leadership skills so that they can step up whenever necessary or even before they were asked to do something. Unfortunately, not all employees have self-confidence in leading when tasked. Worse, others won’t even do anything beyond what they are asked to

Enticing Millennial to Work for Your Small Business

Getting millennials to work for your company is a good thing. They are young, driven, energetic and optimistic. They have the right attitudes you need to grow your company. They also know how to follow instructions or innovate depending on the situation. The only problem is that they are quite picky when it comes to