Monthly Archive:: November 2016

The Actual Cost of Migrating to Canada

Since the night of the US presidential election, the search for immigrating to Canada has surged in Google. It has in fact crashed the Canadian immigration website due to the number of people who have seriously searched on how they can move to Canada. The fear of a Trump presidency has moved people to consider

The Problem with “Trumped Up Trickle Down” Economics

During the second presidential debate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton pointed out that the summary of Donald Trump’s plan regarding the economy can be referred to as “trumped up trickle down” economics. This is the idea that cutting taxes for the rich will stimulate the economy and help everyone else along the way. In fact, this

What a Trump Presidency Would Mean to Global Economy

Hillary Clinton would have easily coasted to the presidency had it not been for FBI Director James Comey who has sent a letter to Congress, telling them that they are looking into new emails sent and received by Clinton in connection with Anthony Weiner, the former husband of Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin. Since then,