Living Practically To Afford Luxury

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Few people have been able to discover the relationship between what is basic and luxury in life. However, history has shown that most persons in all societies and in any country, long for comfortable living. To enjoy luxury in life, matters pertaining to the most basic of human needs – food, clothing, and shelter, should be taken care of. The first and foremost of which is food.

Food Budget Tips

To lessen unnecessary daily expenses for food and a save certain amount of cash for future needs and wants, learn how to cook. This skill will be helpful not only in budget-related matters but in other areas in life, as cooking is necessary in daily living. Cooking food also implies eating meals at home. Control the frequency of dining out, especially in expensive food joints, doing so only for special occasions and/or emergency situations.

Budgeting in advance is an important thing to do and should be done carefully. Make it a habit to aside a fixed amount of money for house meals; dine out, as well as for emergency situations, when money comes in, setting aside extra funds for savings, investments, and wants (which include luxury purposes). Making this a practice can help prevent unnecessary food-related expenditures that might be incurred due to poor planning and accounting. Learning how to buy one’s food supply at reasonable prices and from credible sources is also very important since money saved from purchasing expensive items can be set aside for special occasions. Remember to check the shelf life of foods to be purchase in order to avoid incidences of early spoilage and as a result, wastage in budget.

Dressing up For Occasions

Clothing, which is another basic human necessity, is another area to look into. Quality clothing and footwear is characterized by good and durable materials. They may also be of a fashionable brand. Stylish or not, however, such type of clothing are expensive for the common person. The good news is that this situation can be addressed even with the most modest of financial resources, simply by being practical and disciplined in budgeting for one’s needsand wants.Needs and Wants

The important thing to remember is to ensure that the basic sets of clothing, for all types of occasions are available. When getting clothes and foot wear (e.g. shoes, slippers, sandals, etc.) from the department store, make sure that there are items bought that can be worn for formal and informal events. Also, make certain that purchased clothing has the most basic of colors – red, blue, and yellow, at the least, as well as shades of dark and light, ideally black and white. Make these as the standard getup for your get up, mixing and matching colors from time to time.

Men’s clothing and footwear may include, but are not limited to long sleeves, tuxedos, slacks, jeans, shoes, sneakers, sandals, among others. Women usually have a wider variety of fashion wear, being able to wear some of those worn by men (e.g. sleeves, slacks, jeans, etc). They, also wear other types of attires such as gowns, skirts, etc. Additional types of ladies foot wear are clogs, shoes, and sandals with high heels that vary in inch heights.

 Buying or Renting

Another matter to take into account is what type of shelter to reside in. Will buying be the best option than renting cover? Compare the costs of getting a house, condo unit, apartment, and the like. Do this meticulously in line with your current regular income. Take into consideration not only mortgage dues and rental fees but also estimated future utilities expenses. These include, but are not limited to water, electricity, house maintenance, etc.

buying or renting

Certain villages and/or subdivisions require monthly village and/or association dues. These payment fees are for commodities and/or services shared by residents in a community. Clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, street lights, and landscape maintenance are just some examples of these. Payment dues for them should also carefully be accounted for before deciding what type of shelter to reside in.

Another practical way to live economically, and thus, save extra cash for other luxuries in life is by staying with family members. These relatives may include parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, among others. Getting a housemate to help pay for the rent, utilities, and maintenance expenses is another alternative to consider. A housemate may be a classmate, workmate, friend, relative, etc. Living practically to address these basic needs, even in the least possible, but consistent way, can indeed help a person enjoy more luxury in his/her life.

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