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Ways to Set a Competitive Salary

You always hear about offering a “competitive salary” to your employees, but what does it mean? How do you offer one without sacrificing the business? A competitive salary entails a lot. The goal is to ensure that you only attract the best talent in the industry. You also want to retain your talents and reduce

Ways to Deal With Employees Who Can’t Handle Change

Changes are necessary for businesses to survive. Even the core business plan has to change to deal with the changing times. The problem is with some employees who are unable to accept changes. They will resist whatever you implement and complain about breaking their routine. Some people are accustomed to doing the same thing each

How to Help Your Employees Become More Independent

You want your employees to be independent. You can’t be there all the time to tell them what they must do and how they’re going to handle the assigned tasks. Besides, your business is growing and you can’t deal with every employee at all times. Here’s how you can allow more independence at work. Don’t

How to Handle Employees Who Don’t Follow Instructions

Some employees are unable to follow instructions. It could be due to their poor understanding of these instructions. Another reason is they’re trying to be insubordinates. They don’t want to follow what you’re telling them to do for whatever reason. Either way, you must do something. You can’t let this behavior slide since it adversely

How to Deal With Last-Minute Work Changes

Whether you’re a regular employee or a team leader, dealing with last-minute changes is inevitable. You have no choice but to face reality and move forward. It can be frustrating, but you have no time sulk. These are some ways to deal with potential changes on the last minute. Learn to say no If you’re