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How to Start a Business When You’re a Single Mom

Being a single mom isn’t easy. You take on several roles. If you’re thinking about starting a business, it’s even more challenging. You want to be successful, but you also have other responsibilities to consider. Of course, you can’t let being a single mom stop you from pursuing your entrepreneurial plans. These tips will help

How to Hire the Best Employees After a Pandemic

Hiring the right employees was challenging even before the pandemic. It only worsened during the health crisis. Everyone has to work remotely. Even job candidates can’t come to the office for an in-person interview. Hence, screening the right person for the job became more exhausting. Several companies also needed people to fill the post. Despite

How to be an Effective Moderator During Virtual Meetings

Moderating virtual meetings can be challenging. It’s like any other meetings, but you will face potential technical issues. You’re also handling dozens of people in a single platform. If you’re given this responsibility, here are some tips to help you become effective at what you do. Prepare the speakers If you have speakers or presenters