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Nowadays, owning one’s own vehicle – his/her own ideal car in particular is slowly becoming a necessity more than a luxury. Each individual has his/her own objective/s for buying one. One may get it for convenience and practicality purposes, to help them get by their daily travel routines more efficiently and perform their daily duties more effectively. Another may buy a vehicle just for the sake of simply getting one, as part of their car collection.

When getting an automobile, it is important for a person to primarily know the purpose/s for acquiring one since this/these will be his/her main guide in making future decisions related to this matter. Secondly, an individual should consider his/her funds – economic capability of purchasing a car. One has to know how much he/she can afford in line with his/her financial resources. This will also include how it will be bought (cash or credit) – the full payment scheme when buying a car.

Types of Cars               

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There are different types of cars that a person can choose from. Microcars, also called “Bubble cars” are among the smallest in the category. Another classification is Hatchbacks, examples of which are ultracompact, supermini, subcompact, mid-size and hot hatch cars often used in city driving. Another category, also mostly seen in the metropolis is saloons or what is commonly known as sedans. These include compact executive, large, mid-luxury, grand saloon, and sports sedans. Still another type is the estate car or what is commonly known as the station wagon.

Another breed are of the fast variety – sports cars, grand tourer (heavier than the sports car), and super car (ultra-high-end exotic cars). Off-roaders that are known as sport utility vehicle (SUV) and Crossover SUV are usually ideal for riding different types of terrain. Finally, there is the multipurpose vehicle, examples of which include the van, camper, recreational vehicle (RV), and minibus, recommended for large groups such as a family or company’s service vehicle for its staff.

Factors to Consider Prior to Purchase

These are the variety of automobile with a wide range in sizes and for different uses that a person can choose from for his/her ideal car. Aside from price and preference, an individual should consider additional factors prior to buying it. And this is where clarity of one’s objective/s in getting his/her ideal car will be most helpful. It should be noted that the purchase is just an initial expense. There will be inevitable additional expenses for the purchase that will be incurred because of its use, which should be factored in one’s decision making process at the present.

There are several factors to be considered before purchasing your ideal car. Among these include lifestyle (personal and work), fuel cost, environment (traffic and terrain), and maintenance expenses, among others, that all have direct future cost implications. Knowing how and where the vehicle is to be used is very important as this will not only justify one’s decision in choosing it over others. This will also give the individual an idea of how much he/she should budget for his/her expenses in relation to future vehicle maintenance costs. Those who travel a lot get SUV’s as they usually go to different locations with various types of terrain. People who have their own families usually get types such as sedans, station wagons, and vans, while many single individuals get those breeds built for speed such as sports cars.

Buying Objectively

Though one’s taste and preference plays a major role when choosing a vehicle, a person should learn to be objective in his/her purchase. When getting an automobile, the brand and its manufacturers is something very important to consider. An individual should choose a trade name that is reliable, one that has made a name for itself in the automotive industry.

Car Specs and Fuel Expenses

Fuel Expenses

Specifications are helpful guides in purchasing one’s ideal car since these determine the type of fuel the vehicle needs. There are different types of car fuels, examples of which are gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, biogas, ethanol blend, and hybrid, among others, with varying prices that rise and fall depending on the demand and supply of oil in the market. Knowing the vehicle’s specs will enable the individual to determine his budget for his/her car’s fuel in advance. Driving environment, which includes traffic and terrain is also something to take into account prior to one’s purchase since, these have direct fuel cost implications. Frequent long drives and traffic jams both hurt the pocket in terms of fuel expenses.

Car Maintenance Cost

Before acquiring a car it is important to factor in future maintenance expenses. Purchase vehicles that have spare parts that are readily available, easily replaceable and very affordable. These include but are not limited to the vehicle’s tires, screws, gears, hoses, etc. Cost for car washing and similar cleaning activities are among those that also need to be factored in prior to buying your ideal car.

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