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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Your Business Competitors

The idea of having a new kid on the block can be fear-inducing if you’re running a small business. You worry that your company won’t do well because the competition will take your customers away. There’s always an excellent chance that something new will persuade people to move away from you. Before panicking, realize that

Best Pay Increase Practices for Business Leaders

Employees appreciate receiving a pay increase. They work hard to receive an amount they believe they deserve. Therefore, it’s crucial for business owners to be transparent about their pay increase practices. Anyone who receives a salary bump should feel good about it. Even those who didn’t receive such an increase will still feel that the

Benefits of Self-funding Your Business

Not everyone is capable of funding a business. Most people would rather pitch their ideas to potential investors or get a business partner. There are advantages in using these strategies. However, if you decide that you’re going to do things your way and fund your own business, it’s also an excellent idea. Here are the

Ways to be a Visionary Business Leader

Having a vision is necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. You can’t only rely on what’s in front of you. Sure, things are doing well right now. However, it doesn’t mean everything will stay the same. Unexpected circumstances might happen and your business will start falling apart. Consider the fall of Nokia, once a leader

Tips When Dealing With Office Interns

When you have office interns, their primary goal is to learn the industry. They’re probably on their last year in college or have just recently graduated. They want to know more about the job as they prepare for their respective careers. If you have interns, you’re lucky. They will add to your workforce and some

Things to Do After Finding Out about a New Competitor

When there’s a new kid on the block, it’s easy to feel intimidated. You’ve worked hard to build your business from scratch. An upcoming company can reverse everything you’ve done and make you irrelevant. Before you feel that way, realize that competition is normal in any industry. Regardless of your chosen business, you will most