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How Businesses Can Overcome a Looming Recession

No one can tell when a recession will hit. Experts can make projections, but there’s no guarantee they will be right. They can only analyze models and statistics. Several factors also contribute to an expedited recession. When it happens, people’s lives are on the line. Jobs could be lost and businesses might have to close.

Tips to Maximize Passive Income Opportunities

You don’t have to rely on your full-time job alone to make money. There are passive income opportunities you can take advantage of. Your savings will grow even without doing much. Here are some options to consider. Affiliate marketing You might not get much from affiliate marketing, but it’s a choice worth the try. You

Ways to Determine Employee Bonuses

Some companies offer yearend bonuses. It’s an opportunity to show to employees that they’re valued. It’s also a way to help employees stay afloat. Those who live from paycheck to paycheck need this extra cash. Besides, they deserve it because they work hard. The only issue is that you might not be fair in giving

Ways to Prevent Laying Off Employees

As a business owner, your priority is to ensure that the business keeps running and making profits. The problem is that you can’t do well recently due to the closure orders. In some industries, businesses don’t even earn anything. Owners have no choice but to file for a bankruptcy or lay employees off. It’s a

Signs that Your Business is in Big Trouble

The worst thing that could happen is to see your business getting bankrupted. It’s painful to see something you’ve worked hard to build over the years finally going down. You still have a chance to finally get back on your feet and build the business again even if it’s in trouble. Just notice these signs