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Why Your Marketing Videos Don’t Attract Attention

Using videos for marketing is an excellent idea. The competition moved from basic written content to videos. They’re short, enticing, and easy to comprehend. However, not all marketing videos gain attention. Others fail to receive views. Here are some possible reasons behind your failure to attract attention. The videos are boring No one wants to

How to Make Effective Calls to Action

It’s not enough to ask people to visit your website and read the content. You should also tell them what to do next. It’s where calls to action enter the picture. You want everyone to read these words and pursue a transaction. Otherwise, the visitors will leave without doing anything. You lose a significant opportunity

Why Does Your Social Media Account Lack Engagement?

Your social media account relies on engagement. If you want to encourage people to buy what you offer, they must have a reason to stay and keep exploring. They should feel the need to like, comment or share your posts. Either way, your business will benefit from it. As the number of viewers increase, your

Essential Values Entrepreneurs can Learn from Squid Game

The Korean hit drama, Squid Game, caught many people’s attention, and became Netflix’s most watched show just days after release. This worldwide sensation continues to haunt people’s minds as it reveals the best and worst of humans when faced with the direst situations. In a battle for survival and money, the contestants have to make

Business Trends to Expect in 2022

The pandemic threw a lot of things into question. Many businesses decided to close because they can’t operate under the circumstances. From the countless lockdowns to tough restrictions, it’s hard for business owners to keep going. Since we gradually see the end to this health crisis, things are starting to look positive for many companies.