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Why Having a Tough Competition is Good for Your Business

You might panic upon knowing that your business has some serious competition. You worry that you won’t reign supreme anymore. You also believe that the competitor will pull your business down. Before you panic, realize that having competition is good for business. Here’s why. It keeps you on your toes When your company is always

Why Companies Should Grant a Paid Maternity Leave

It’s quite unfortunate that not all companies offer maternity leave. Some women have to get back to work immediately or risk losing more potential income. Even if they’re not yet physically capable of going back to work, they have no choice. As a business leader, you should change this policy. Offer a paid maternity leave

Ways to Help Employees Learn Company Culture

Not all companies are the same. Cultures from vary from one company to another. Some practices deemed normal in one place might be frowned upon in another. The values upheld by a business might not be the same as the values prioritized by the next. There’s nothing wrong about these differences. If anything, they make

How to be a Business Leader During Uncertain Times

Guiding a company during uncertain times can be challenging. When the economy isn’t moving in the right direction, you won’t know how to move things forward. You worry that your incorrect decision can lead to the company’s failure. These tips will help you get through your worries. Embrace uncertainty The first step is to change

How Businesses Can Overcome a Looming Recession

No one can tell when a recession will hit. Experts can make projections, but there’s no guarantee they will be right. They can only analyze models and statistics. Several factors also contribute to an expedited recession. When it happens, people’s lives are on the line. Jobs could be lost and businesses might have to close.

Benefits of Having an Employee Handbook

Not all companies have an employee handbook. It’s something business leaders usually overlook. It might seem like an outdated way of managing employees, but companies need one. You will be grateful if you decide to keep a handbook for everyone to follow. Here’s why. It shows the company’s mission and vision Everything that the company

How to Have a Drama-Free Family Business

Running a family business is common. When people aspire to have a business, they start by asking for help from family members. The only problem is that family issues might also affect business operations. If you want to succeed in running a family company minus the drama, these tips will help. Always be objective Make