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Tips in Preparing Your Employees for a Merger

Merging your company with another can be a daunting task. It takes time to finish and there might be several bumps along the way. You also have to prepare your employees for this possibility. Not all of them will agree to it, but they don’t have a choice. You should prepare them for what will

Signs that You’re Ready to Franchise

Franchising is an excellent way to start a business. You don’t have to do everything from scratch. The business plan is already there, and there’s a guaranteed market. Some people would say that you’re not only buying a franchise, but the potential customers that come with it. However, like any other business, you have to

How to Help a Financially Struggling Employee

It doesn’t feel good when you have an employee who struggles with money. It’s even worse when work is affected as a result. Some employees even have to take a second job at night to make ends meet. As a result, these employees become exhausted in the morning and couldn’t concentrate while working. If you

Ways to Determine Employee Bonuses

Some companies offer yearend bonuses. It’s an opportunity to show to employees that they’re valued. It’s also a way to help employees stay afloat. Those who live from paycheck to paycheck need this extra cash. Besides, they deserve it because they work hard. The only issue is that you might not be fair in giving