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Are Tech Startups No Longer Viable?

The failure of the Silicon Valley Bank has rocked the world of tech in the past few weeks. It is a unique bank as it specializes in tech startups. With its collapse, several startups are no longer moving forward. Some potential business leaders have decided to walk away. With this sad reality, can we say

Things to Do Before Starting a Brand Partnership

Collaborating with other brands is already a norm these days. It’s easier to reach more people when working with an established company. Both brands benefit from the partnership and solidify their place in the industry. However, not all collaborations succeed. Things can go south when not planned well. Therefore, it pays to do these things

Ways to Set a Competitive Salary

You always hear about offering a “competitive salary” to your employees, but what does it mean? How do you offer one without sacrificing the business? A competitive salary entails a lot. The goal is to ensure that you only attract the best talent in the industry. You also want to retain your talents and reduce

Ways to Make the Most of Your Interns

If interns are willing to work with your company, you must be doing something right. They want to learn the culture and have the chance to study how you run things. These are young bloods who might dominate the industry in the future. Since they started with you, it will be a huge honor if

Why Companies Should Grant a Paid Maternity Leave

It’s quite unfortunate that not all companies offer maternity leave. Some women have to get back to work immediately or risk losing more potential income. Even if they’re not yet physically capable of going back to work, they have no choice. As a business leader, you should change this policy. Offer a paid maternity leave

How to be a Business Leader During Uncertain Times

Guiding a company during uncertain times can be challenging. When the economy isn’t moving in the right direction, you won’t know how to move things forward. You worry that your incorrect decision can lead to the company’s failure. These tips will help you get through your worries. Embrace uncertainty The first step is to change