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Is Remote Work Going to be the Norm?

During the height of the pandemic, many employees were forced to work from home. It was deemed unsafe to work in a regular office where there can be hundreds of people in the same building. It was a new setup, and everyone felt uncomfortable with it. Eventually, though, it became a norm. Even big tech

How to Make Accountability a Part of Company Culture

Accountability means people are responsible for their actions and behaviors. They’re willing to take the consequences if they didn’t do the right thing. Unfortunately, not all companies have accountability as part of their culture. Some terrible practices keep going since there are no repercussions. You don’t want this environment to flourish at work. Here’s how

Why Having a Tough Competition is Good for Your Business

You might panic upon knowing that your business has some serious competition. You worry that you won’t reign supreme anymore. You also believe that the competitor will pull your business down. Before you panic, realize that having competition is good for business. Here’s why. It keeps you on your toes When your company is always

Ways to Help Employees Learn Company Culture

Not all companies are the same. Cultures from vary from one company to another. Some practices deemed normal in one place might be frowned upon in another. The values upheld by a business might not be the same as the values prioritized by the next. There’s nothing wrong about these differences. If anything, they make

How to be a Business Leader During Uncertain Times

Guiding a company during uncertain times can be challenging. When the economy isn’t moving in the right direction, you won’t know how to move things forward. You worry that your incorrect decision can lead to the company’s failure. These tips will help you get through your worries. Embrace uncertainty The first step is to change