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Money is Fluid, So Don’t Freak Out

Are you the type of person who creates a budget plan and sticks to it no matter what happens? The moment you can’t follow your plan and go beyond what you have set, you immediately panic and hit yourself in the head for not remaining faithful to it. You are not alone. Most people tend

Can Money Buy Happiness? What Science Has to Say

“Money makes the world go round”, is an age-old adage about money, just like the old question of whether it makes you happy or not. The Beatles say that money “can’t buy me love”, but what does science have to say about it? Popular studies conducted by psychologists try to answer this question and the

Bundled Pricing on Services: Should You Go for It or Not?

Bundled pricing on services is very common nowadays. From financial services to telecommunications services, service providers offer bundled options to people. As a customer, you may be attracted to these options, over to getting a la carte or individual services as they sound enticing. They are usually offered at a discounted price, which makes these