CasHacks is a website that covers everything related to Finance, Investing, Frugal living, Debt and handling money in general. We always welcome unsolicited articles from literally everyone who has something profound to share about money and everything that goes along with it.

We do accept news, how to, tips/suggestions or interviews, so just send ‘em over and we’ll tell you if we’ll accept it or not.

Guest Posting guidelines:

To ensure that everyone gets nothing but the best, we have a couple of writing guidelines in place.

We’ll surely appreciate it if you’ll follow these guidelines. If you feel that you can’t follow these, then please don’t send the article over as we need strict adherence to the guidelines.

1.) The article needs to be of very high quality. No typos or spelling and grammar errors. That said, please proofread your article gazillion times before sending it.

2.) Like our Facebook page and add a 1 – 2 liner suggestion about how to manage money.

3.) Share one of the posts in to your social media sites. Please specify the URL that you shared on your message to us.

4.) Add a minimum of 1 image (high quality and relevant please). The image needs to have proper attribution and it should be used LEGALLY. That said, if you aren’t sure of the kind of license the image has, don’t use it. Unless you specifically ask the owner of the photo for permission.

5.) Send us a 2 – 3 sentence unique author’s bio.

How will  you send your articles?

We’ll surely appreciate it if you’ll send the article via gdocs with the permission “anyone who has the link can edit”.

But, you can also attach the article via .doc or .docx if you aren’t familiar with gdocs. Please use the form or email listed below when contacting us about the guest post.

What you should NEVER do.

1.) Send plagiarized content. We always check via copyscape.

2.) ILLEGALLY use other people’s image/photo.

3.) Copy our content and post it on other sites.

4.) Don’t send poorly written or spun articles.

5.) Don’t ever add links to shady sites in your articles.

If you get caught violating any of these, we’ll have to ban you from ever sharing anything in

We look forward to reading your posts.

That’s it for us. If you feel that you can follow the guidelines shared above, then please contact us first at info [at] cashacks [dot] com