Essential Values Entrepreneurs can Learn from Squid Game

Squid Game

The Korean hit drama, Squid Game, caught many people’s attention, and became Netflix’s most watched show just days after release. This worldwide sensation continues to haunt people’s minds as it reveals the best and worst of humans when faced with the direst situations. In a battle for survival and money, the contestants have to make the smartest move. Death was the extreme consequence for failing to do the required tasks. While it’s not necessarily the same in business, entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from the show’s plot.

Be patient

Patience will always be key to success in business. Regardless of your chosen business model, you can’t expect an overnight success. You need to wait for things to go your way. Despite the time it takes to see positive results, you can’t lose hope. For instance, in the Dalgona candy challenge, players have to slowly remove the required shape out of the melted sugar. While it’s possible, it might take forever. Players who rushed the process ended up breaking the candy. It’s the same in business. When you rush things up, you can’t expect the results to be favorable.

Employ people you trust

Employ people you trust

In the beginning, players have to form alliances to survive the challenges. While they went against each other towards the end, their alliances helped them go far. It’s the same in business. If you wish to succeed, you have to be with people you trust to take your company to the next level. Never surround yourself with employees who will pull you down.

Stop and think

The infamous green light, red light game which set the tone of the show shocked the players. Those who moved when the right light is on got killed. In business, it shows that it also helps to pause and think. You can’t keep moving forward without evaluating the results. You’re only putting yourself at risk. Learn to experiment on new ideas, but know when to give them up.

Never give up

In the end, there was only one winner. There were several times during the show that the players would have decided to collectively end the game and walk away with nothing. However, they realized that they’re already deep into the competition and there’s no turning back. While it might not be the best choice for life and death situations, they showed that giving up is sometimes not an option. In business, you must have the same attitude. Even if you face the most challenging situations, you can’t wave the white flag and call it a day. Remember everything you’ve worked hard for to be where you are now.

The show might be haunting and exciting for several reasons. We’ve learned tons of personal values from it, but business owners can also say the same. The point is you must be cautious about the business decisions you make. Always look forward to the reward that awaits you at the end of the day.

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