Why Your Marketing Videos Don’t Attract Attention

Video Marketing

Using videos for marketing is an excellent idea. The competition moved from basic written content to videos. They’re short, enticing, and easy to comprehend. However, not all marketing videos gain attention. Others fail to receive views. Here are some possible reasons behind your failure to attract attention.

The videos are boring

Boring Videos

No one wants to spend time watching a video that does nothing. Find out what attracts your target audience and create videos they would love to consume. The lack of originality and creativity will turn them off. Find an interesting angle and build on it. Sure, it seems like all ideas have already been taken, but you will always find something new.

You keep selling

While these are marketing videos, it doesn’t mean you must sell items. Your goal is to establish your brand. If you continue selling items on these videos, they won’t attract anyone. Imagine if a salesman keeps following you around and forcing you to buy the products. You don’t want the videos to sound that way. The direct selling part might not even be on the video, but on the description box.

You keep posting videos

It’s not about quantity but quality when it comes to marketing videos. You don’t have to post all the time as long as you make the most of each video. Imagine if it went viral and gained attention. It’s the only thing people will talk about for days or weeks. You don’t have to post anything new until then. It’s also hard to follow what you previously posted and expect the same results.

You didn’t invest in video marketing efforts

Just because you have excellent videos doesn’t mean they will go viral right away. You must put effort into making them more visible. Post the videos on various social media platforms. Ask your followers to share them. Respond to comments and say thank you for the likes. You want to increase interaction to ensure that the videos go viral. You may even consider paid promotions if it helps you at first. Eventually, your brand becomes popular and you don’t need to keep paying for the content to be all over the Internet.

The videos are of poor quality

The video quality also plays a crucial role. You want to impress people with what they see. You also want them to know that you invest in creating marketing videos. Hire people who can help in this regard. However, you should be careful not to make it look too professional that it loses the organic appeal. Remember that even homemade videos can go viral. It’s not about quality alone, but what the overall results look like.

Evaluate the past videos used and determine what else you can do to improve them. Find out what went wrong and what you did right. Eventually, you will find the right balance that will help improve their popularity. Always try something new since there’s never a formula for success in video marketing.

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