Why Does Your Social Media Account Lack Engagement?

Social Media Engagement

Your social media account relies on engagement. If you want to encourage people to buy what you offer, they must have a reason to stay and keep exploring. They should feel the need to like, comment or share your posts. Either way, your business will benefit from it. As the number of viewers increase, your social media efforts will go a long way. However, if you can see a lack of engagement, you must do something about it. The first step is to understand why the reasons behind it. Here are some of them.

You don’t advertise on the right platform

Social media platforms have a specific niche. Some people prefer one over the other. For instance, older people remain on Facebook while younger audiences have moved on. They’re busier making videos on TikTok nowadays. Hence, you must be where your target audiences are. Otherwise, everyone will ignore you.

There’s no call to action

No Call Action

Another problem is the lack of a call to action. After you posted something, you should tell everyone what must be done. Should they share your post? Should they retweet? If you decided to start a competition, how can they sign up? Highlight the call to action and it will boost engagement levels.

Be engaged

You can’t expect people to stay engaged when you don’t do the same. You should start the process yourself. If they leave a comment, try your best to respond. It doesn’t matter how many comments you have to deal with. All of them are crucial. Even a simple thank you will suffice in some instances. If there are issues and complaints, try your best to deal with them.

Don’t overpromote

Avoid sounding like a salesman on your social media accounts. You should advertise but not to a point that you irritate your followers. You must also have other gimmicks to sustain interest. Some posts can even be about relevant topics in the industry, and you don’t have to sell anything. Create a community of people with shared interests and their loyalty to the product will come later.

You don’t have multi-dimensional posts

You should have a variety of posts if you want people to engage. They don’t like boring ideas. Greet them with a quote in the morning. Start a poll in the middle of the day. You can also launch a competition. Post videos, pictures, infographics, and share links. A variety of social media posts will engage more people and make them want to check your page out constantly.

You don’t monitor your posts

Data analytics should be embedded in your social media campaign. You want to know the engagement level and what else you can do to improve it. You can’t conclude you’re doing well unless there are numbers to back those claims up.

Hopefully, you decide to pursue changes to boost your social media and make people engaged. It might be challenging, but it’s possible.

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