Mansplaining to Male Employees the Company Changes That Seemingly Favor Female Employees


Mansplaining is a modern term referring to men telling others how certain things are done, especially towards women. It’s ironic since the information explained is something women already know, and are probably in a better position to talk about. It’s common in companies where most people in power are men. They call the shots while women do the hard work. Worse, some women don’t even have a seat on the table. Therefore, if you want to institute changes, you should consider policies that will empower female employees. It’s a no-brainer. Most of them are the backbone of the company, and they deserve better. The only issue is that some male employees might think that the changes favor women, and are unfair to them. Hence, ironically, they need “mansplaining”. 

The truth is that the changes aren’t necessarily done to put women at an advantage. The goal is to give them what they deserve. For instance, offering them a voice during meetings isn’t unfair. It should have happened a long time ago. Protecting them from male employees who request for sexual advances is also a good thing. It’s not about placing men in a negative light. Those who aren’t guilty of doing these acts have nothing to worry about. The idea is to protect the most vulnerable employees, and make them feel more comfortable at work. 

Women deserve better

Women deserve better

In many organizations, women aren’t given what they deserve. They always take the heavy lifting but don’t get anything in return. They also worry all the time since they don’t want to go beyond where they should be and fear potential repercussions. Worse, some of them don’t aspire for anything big. They settle for whatever post they have since it might be against their interest to ask for more. They shouldn’t feel that way in any organization, and changes need to happen. If men feel uncomfortable with it, they really need someone to explain to them these changes. 

It’s for the team

Ultimately, the goal is to have a safer and more comfortable work environment for everyone. You want your team to feel safe whenever they’re in the office, or even beyond work hours. You don’t want any employee feeling like they don’t get respect from colleagues. Even if you believe there’s nothing wrong going on, you don’t know what’s happening when you’re not around. The line should be clear, and everyone should understand it.

Hopefully, you can make these changes and everyone will understand. It won’t be easy at first. It will even be met with resistance from other men on top. However, you have to do what’s right for your team. Men will eventually understand. They’re fathers, husbands, and sons too. They know how it feels like to have a beloved woman. They have plenty in their lives. 

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