Reasons for Being a Transparent Leader

Transparent Leader

You should possess different qualities if you want to be a good leader. Out of these qualities, transparency needs to be among the top. People will love and respect you if you’re transparent. These are the other reasons why you should possess this quality.

It’s easier to solve the problems

When the company faces problems, you can’t hide them forever. They will eventually show up. At first, you might try to cover things up and only inform a few people in the team. Since these issues will eventually come to the surface, it’s better to say everything now. Who knows? Your team might have suggestions in dealing with the problem. Trust them to analyze the situation and take steps in the right direction.

People will trust you

People will trust you

No one will trust you if you keep hiding the truth. Remember that even if you only break trust once, it’s hard to gain it back. Your employees will be skeptical of what you say. They might think that you’re lying even if you’re not.

You can build your team faster

Teambuilding might seem easy, but it’s not. It requires trust among the members. How can you make it happen if people don’t even trust you? Collaboration requires clarity from the top. If you want your employees to work on a project, you have to be clear about the objectives in doing it.

There will be honest relationships in the team

You can’t expect your employees to be friends. Not everyone goes to work to make friends. They do the assigned tasks to earn money and provide for the family. There’s nothing wrong with that attitude. However, it’s even better if there’s an honest relationship among team members. It’s easier to make things work. It also leads to better individual and group performance.

You don’t want to bear the problems alone

All companies have a problem. Keeping things from your employees doesn’t solve it. Be honest about what’s happening and discuss the solutions as a team. It’s also a healthy practice for you as a leader. Otherwise, you will feel burdened by your responsibilities all the time.

There might be a bigger backlash

Some team leaders decide to keep the truth to ensure that the company looks good. For instance, if there are executives involved in a scandal, they will sweep it under the rug. After years of hiding, the truth comes out. When more people know about it, the company’s image will be tarnished. Worse, you will also be blamed because you didn’t tell the truth. If you want to avoid a backlash, you should be honest since the start.

Transparency isn’t easy, but you should do it. Remember that whatever it is that you’re hiding, everyone will know at some point. You can discuss things carefully if they involve a sensitive issue. Realize that your employees are mature individuals. They can handle the problem as adults and help you get through it.

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