Tips to Help Make Women Feel Empowered at Work

Women Empowerment

It is important for women to feel empowered at work. They have been a crucial part of the workforce for a long time, but several women still feel like they are not valued at work. Worse, some women have even expressed their horrible stories of workplace harassment. In the age of the Me Too movement, sexual harassment should not exist anymore. Instead, business leaders should work hard to ensure that female employees feel empowered.

Promote a zero-tolerance policy for sexism

One of the most common excuses used by men when they exhibit sexist acts is that they are only joking. Regardless of the nature of what was said, it is crucial to stop it right away. When the workplace has a zero-tolerance policy for sexism, no one would dare speak ill of women on the basis of their gender. Even jokes that are deemed funny will not be said anymore if they are offensive to women.

Include women in upper management

Let women represent the company

Most women are usually from the outside looking in. They do not have a seat at the table especially with the upper management team. It is crucial to have women as part of this group. It is not only because you want to promote inclusion, but diversity matters. Recently, some companies have experienced marketing gaffes. They thought they put out a funny advertisement that turned out to be offensive especially to women. If the management team had a woman on the table, it would not have happened.

Let women represent the company

If your company is invited to present in trade shows and conferences, allow your female employees to take the lead. Let them be the voice of your brand. They are not mere faces, but they also have something great to say. When women start feeling comfortable of being able to speak and seeing people listen to them, they will feel more confident with their career.

Provide opportunities to learn

The problem with a patriarchal society is that it extended even in workplaces. For far too long, only men were given the opportunity to take top positions. It is crucial for women to also have the same chance. If the organization is yet to have a woman to hold one of the top posts, you need to provide an opportunity for them to learn. Some women propelled to top roles do not feel confident because no one is teaching them.

Increase women’s salary

Equal pay for equal work remains one of the top campaigns today. It is unfathomable that women who provide the same services in any organizations do not have the same wages. It is not only unfair, but it is also degrading. Salaries should be determined based on skills, experience and credentials. If the company chooses to conduct evaluations to determine who gets a raise, it is also okay. However, limiting the opportunities given to female employees because of their gender does not have place in a modern society.

It is not easy doing all these things if company leaders view women as equal of men. 

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