Ways to Manage Young Employees and Bring Out the Best in Them

Bringing Out the Best in Employees

Having young employees working with you is an asset. Sure, they’re not as experienced as others, but they still have plenty to offer. As a manager, you have to find a way to make the most of their presence in your team. These tips are useful in managing a young and talented group of people.

Help them with the transition phase

Help them with the transition phase

Many young professionals are highly-skilled and with tons of potentials. They’re capable of taking the business to a higher level if they can immediately adjust to the professional life. Remember that just a year or less ago, they were still partying hard. They have no clear idea yet about what professional ethics means. Provide orientation and workshops to help them get through that awkward phase. If they overcome that phase, they will easily focus on the job. 

Create a buddy program

If you have other young employees who have been with the company for quite a while, you can partner them with the newly hired employees. This system allows the new employees to feel comfortable. They would rather work with people their age first than to get dragged around by older employees. 

Allow them to explore

Most employers look for experienced candidates to fill the post. The problem is that young professionals don’t have enough experience yet. They’re trying to build a new life as working adults. Therefore, it helps if you allow them to explore first. Don’t punish them for mistakes. Allow them to use these mistakes as an opportunity to be better. Give them different projects until they find one that they’re comfortable with. 

Provide feedback

The good thing about the younger generation of employees is that they’re open to feedback. They will listen to you. If you give them the right advice, you can expect them to pay attention. Be clear when giving feedback and don’t be condescending. Point out the specific issues and tell them what to do to improve.

Let them know that they can get a promotion 

Capable young employees feel discouraged with the idea that only the older employees can have a shot at a promotion. They know that they’re capable of doing more, but they are limited because of age. Make it clear to them that age has nothing to do with promotion. If they can prove their worth, they can easily move up the ranks.

Give them a voice at the table

You might also think that the biggest decisions should be made by experienced employees and executives. Younger people shouldn’t have anything to do with top decision-making processes. The truth is that you need diversity. Perhaps someone they can contribute something that can improve the business. It’s even more important if you’re trying to target the younger audiences. They understand the market better, and they will give the right advice.

You’re lucky if you’re working with talented and young individuals. They are vibrant, and capable of doing a lot.

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