You can Promote a Healthy Lifestyle Among Your Employees Without Dictating What They Should Do

Healthy Lifestyle

You want your employees to stay healthy. If they get sick, productivity level could be on the line. They can’t perform the job well. They might also have a hard time focusing on the job. The problem is that when you reprimand your employees about their lifestyle, they might think of it as intrusion. You can maintain a professional relationship, but you can’t force them to change their ways. 

Sure, you can’t force everyone to change, but there are ways to promote healthy living among your employees. 

Fill the pantry with healthy snacks

Your employees can’t demand what should be in the pantry. The snacks there are for free. If you gradually fill it with healthy options, they have no choice but to get what’s available. They could also bring their own snacks. The point is that you introduce healthy snacks, and it’s up to them to take what they want. 

Offer wellness programs for free

Offer wellness programs for free

Some of your employees might have gym membership, and it’s a good thing. However, others don’t even care about staying fit. It could be due to financial issues. They’re incapable of paying the gym membership. The best thing to do is offer wellness programs for free. There’s no more excuse for being unhealthy. Offer a variety of programs for those who don’t like intense physical exercises. Yoga or Pilates could be an excellent alternative. 

Reduce workload

You might not be aware of it, but some of your employees use their time at home to continue working. They deprive themselves of family time because they have to keep working. You can say that it’s due to their failure to manage their time, but it can also be due to the amount of work given. It’s unhealthy for employees to spend a lot of time working in the office, but also continue working at home. Not having enough time with family could also adversely affect them. If possible, distribute the tasks well so no one gets overwhelmed. 

Show empathy 

Apart from physical health, you should also pay attention on mental health. You are fine and healthy, but they might be going through a lot. Having a stable mental health is also crucial. Given this pandemic, many people are on the edge. They couldn’t concentrate and the uncertainty makes them feel terrible. Showing empathy is a good way to help your employees feel better. They know that someone cares. It’s enough for them to get through this tough time. Listen to them and avoid judgments. They might have something important to say. 

Staying healthy during this pandemic is more important than ever. You might have vested interest in having healthy employees, but it’s also about showing concern. You might want them to be healthy and productive, but you also care about their well-being. Your employees helped your business grow, and caring about their health is the least you can do.

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