Ways to Deal With Employees Who Can’t Handle Change

Accepting Changes

Changes are necessary for businesses to survive. Even the core business plan has to change to deal with the changing times. The problem is with some employees who are unable to accept changes. They will resist whatever you implement and complain about breaking their routine. Some people are accustomed to doing the same thing each day and won’t accept changes. Here are the ways to deal with employees who resist change and allow them to embrace it.

Be transparent

When you want to institute changes, you should explain everything. You’re expecting results from the employees. The least you can do is to let them know why these changes are happening. It also reflects on your transparency in running the business. Instead of resisting change, these employees will understand the situation. They will see the bigger picture and realize how important their roles are in making things happen. It might not be easy to explain changes, but you must do it.

Consider employees’ voices for the changes

You might think of ways to improve the business by talking to other managers and executives. If these changes didn’t include the opinions of regular employees, it’s a bad thing. Make sure you also consider what they have to say since they matter to your company’s success. When you explain to everyone why you’re pursuing something new, you can also use that as a justification. Explain that the changes are collective voices of the people working for the company.

Talk to individual employees

Talk to individual employees

Not everyone accepts change at the same rate. Some people might find it harder to embrace change. If you see someone who can’t accept what you’ve said, open your doors. Perhaps, it’s time to have an honest conversation with that person. Explain your reasons and open the floor for questions. Tell the employee to be honest and not worry about getting fired for being too blunt.

Reward acceptance

Another way to help employees deal with change is by offering rewards. You can’t tell if these people have already accepted the changes, but it can be reflected on their work. If you see improvements aligned with what you’ve said, it’s a positive sign. You must reward these people and tell them how grateful you are for their acceptance. If you pursue more changes in the future, many employees will accept and do their best.

Emphasize what won’t change

When explaining changes, you should also talk about what will stay the same. Some employees can’t accept change, and it helps if they know that some things will remain. It will help them work around whatever you’re expecting from them. They will be given a sense of security during the difficult transition phase.

Hopefully, you can make everyone embrace changes, especially if they’re inevitable. People should understand your reasons. They must also be grateful that you don’t allow the company to stay stagnant. Even big businesses have fallen due to the failure to accept change and you can’t let it happen.

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