Sure Ways to Make a Potential Homebuyer Run. Avoid These Mistakes If You Wish to Increase the Chances of Having Your House Sold Fast

Selling Home

Selling a home is not easy, especially if you’re not aware of things that could make a potential homebuyer run. Not only would it be emotionally taxing, especially if you’ve lived here for so long, but it could also take a lot of time and effort, since you want it to be attractive to sellers. While you may hire professionals to help you in selling the house such as a real estate agent, there are also things that you could do by yourself to help in making your property more marketable. It’s equally important that you know what could immediately turn off a potential buyer so you could avoid these mistakes. Here are some of them.

Family Pictures Everywhere

We get it. This is still your home and it would remain yours until it gets sold to the new owner. Well, this could be yours for a longer time if you keep your family pictures, and even your kids’ arts and crafts displayed out there. See this in the buyer’s perspective. When you buy a house, you imagine yourself living in that house. Wouldn’t it be difficult to do that if you see the pictures of other people? So remove those photos and arts before you market your house.

Stains and Foul Odors

You may already be used to living in your house every day that you fail to notice these things that could make a huge impact when selling a home. Take a closer look at your home so that you could see if there are stains that need to be removed and unpleasant smells that need to be taken care of. A fresh looking house could help you make that deal.

Messy and Dirty

Staged Living Room

This is something that you may think that shouldn’t be on this list not because it’s not important, but it’s something that’s very obvious. However, believe it or not, there are still homeowners selling their house that fail to take care of it. Aside from the stains and odor, keep the property clutter free so it would feel welcoming and relaxing, making it easier for the prospective buyers to consider it as their new abode. Staging your home to be more attractive could also help and there are professionals that you could hire for this.


How can your gorgeous wallpaper make potential buyers run, right? Sounds ridiculous? Not really. First, not everyone has the same taste. What looks beautiful for you may not be the same with the buyers. Second, if they don’t like the style, then they would see themselves having to scrape them, which could take time and effort. If you wish to improve your chances of getting your home sold fast, remove that wallpaper yourself and paint the walls with something neutral.

Bad Landscaping

Another mistake that homeowners do is to focus on the interiors of the house and forget about what’s outside. The landscaping of your front yard and backyard are equally important, since they are still part of the property. Moreover, the front yard is the first thing that the buyers see so this could set their first impression. It doesn’t have to be grand, but it should be clean and relaxing to the eyes.

Aside from these, make sure that all broken or damaged things are fixed as most buyers would want a house that’s ready for them to move in.

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