Gimmicks to Market Your Products Might Backfire


There’s nothing wrong in coming up with ways to market your products in a way that can generate lots of interest. For instance, you can setup a game through social media where the winner receives some items you sell. Another option is to collaborate with a social media influencer to help reach out to a lot of people. These new techniques could make your brand more visible. You just have to be careful since these strategies could backfire. 

You annoy people

When you overplay your hands in marketing, you might start annoying a lot of people. They think that you’re trying too hard to get people’s attention and it’s no longer interesting. You might also make people feel turned off because of these strategies. They think that you’re assuming the target audience is dumb for you to come up with these gimmicks. 

You might reach the wrong group of people

Another downside is that the people whose interest you captured aren’t necessarily the ones who will buy your products. Yes, they love to join your games and they buy into the gimmicks. However, they won’t even consider spending money to buy what you offer. You’re wasting your time on people whom you couldn’t bring into the fold. 

Your brand could suffer

Another problem is that people might associate you with the gimmick and forget about the quality of your products. It’s unfortunate especially if you have something good to offer. You want people to remember your products and not the marketing campaign that you used. For instance, if you used a series of dance steps for people to easily remember your products, it could backfire. Instead of convincing people, they end up laughing at you because of the nature of the marketing campaign. 

You waste your time

Instead of telling people directly what your product is about and what they’re probably getting from you, they end up getting side-tracked. You have to inform people what they will get if they spend money in buying the things you offer. Stop running around in circles and hope that people will eventually get the message. Not everyone has time to figure out what you want to say and decipher the reason behind the gimmicks you employed. 

Be careful in using any strategy

Be careful in using any strategy

Whether you put out a gimmick or a straightforward commercial, you need to be cautious. You want people to remember your brand and what your product is about. You need them to realize that whatever it is that you’re offering, it’s worth spending money on. Yes, you want to capture attention and stand out, but not at the expense of your brand. Talk to your marketing team about the details and consult with people outside the team. Hopefully, you make the right choice and convince more people to buy your products. It could take a while, but it would be worth it.

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