Why Your Conversion Rate isn’t Sufficient

Conversion Rate

It’s frustrating when you realize that your conversion rate isn’t satisfactory. You tried everything possible to entice potential customers, but they don’t. Before you freak out, remember that conversion rates are generally low. However, it doesn’t mean you’re failing. Try putting things into perspective first. For instance, a 2% conversion rate might already be high. Imagine if 10,000 unique visitors entered your website for the month. Even if only 2% of them decided to buy your products, it’s a decent number. If you still feel that the figure is low, here are the potential reasons.

Your website isn’t attractive enough

When designing your website, you must put your brand on the forefront. People should remember what your brand stands for by checking the web design alone. However, it shouldn’t always be about what you want. You must also look into what appeals to your target audience. Understand the design, color choices, and images that will make the visitors want to stay for more. If the website doesn’t have an excellent first impression, expect everyone to leave right away.

You didn’t optimize your website

You didn’t optimize your website

It’s not enough to have a website that looks good. You should also understand technical SEO. It’s critical that the site starts to rank on search engines if you want more people to see what you offer. The lack of optimization will push your website behind. You can work with SEO experts if you want them to help you redesign your page. You should also improve loading speed as part of the process.

You ignore mobile device users

Recently, more people use their phones to pursue online transactions than their computers. Therefore, it’s critical to design your website for mobile device users. They must be a priority. Make sure the page appears well when opened on mobile devices. The images must be sharp and not pixelated. The loading speed must also be quick. You will lose tons of potential buyers, especially younger audiences if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website.

You choose the wrong images

You might think that the picture choices don’t matter. The truth is some buyers care about them. They will patronize your brand if they realize that you’re trying to appeal to them through these photos. Avoid stock images since no one wants to see them or relate to them. Take a picture of regular people using your products and services. They’re more relatable. You won’t have problems using them for commercial purposes, either.

You have terrible reviews

Sure, your business is being talked about online, but for the wrong reasons. Whether it’s poor product quality or terrible customer service, it will adversely affect your reputation. Hence, you can’t expect an increase in conversion rate. Everyone will run away from you because of these reasons. Make sure you work hard to boost your reviews. Encourage existing customers to write something good about your company.

With these changes, things will be better. You will soon see a slight uptick in the conversion rate.

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