Ways to Guarantee the Quality of Online Job Applicants Before Hiring Them

Online Job Applicants

Hiring employees amid a pandemic is a lot harder. You can’t meet people in person before deciding to hire them. As a result, you might end up with the wrong person for the job. It still feels different when you have the opportunity to see them in person before deciding to offer a job. There are ways to guarantee quality even when you only had an online screening. 

Call the references

There is a reason why most companies consider references when asking people to apply for a job. They can attest to the character and values of the candidate. People who didn’t make friends at their job before, won’t have references to back them up. Therefore, if you call these people, they will say something good (or bad) about the candidate. It’s easier to determine if you will pursue the application based on the feedback from the references.

Request for the recording of the interview 

You can also study the behavior of the applicants during the interview. It will give you an idea if the answers are sincere, or if there are disturbing mannerisms. It’s even better if you can record the interview so you can recheck them later. Of course, you have to ask for permission from the candidate to do it. If uncomfortable, you can’t take it against the person. Not everyone likes the idea of being recorded while they express themselves. Also, you have to guarantee the candidate that the recording will be used for the intended purposes only.

Don’t rely on interviews alone

Don’t rely on interviews alone

Unless the job only requires the candidate to be an excellent speaker, relying on the interview alone is a mistake. There are instances when you can’t determine the most suitable person for the job based on the interview. Not everyone is comfortable with their ability to express themselves. 

Ask for practical questions

Asking these candidates how much they know about the job is easy. Some of them have years of experience. The true test of character comes with the ability to respond to specific and practical questions. Ask them about building rapport with other people. You may also ask hypothetical questions. The response will tell you what they value in life, and what their real qualities are. 

Never settle

Sure, hiring the right person for the job these days can be challenging. You have to go through a more rigorous process before making up your mind. However, it doesn’t mean should settle for anything less. You don’t want to regret the decision because of the rushed the process. Take your time to screen the application and interview all the candidates. Eventually, you will find the perfect person for the job. You may also consult with other companies that have been hiring employees virtually over the years. They have more experience, and they can take you to the right path.

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