Avoid Posting about These Topics on Your Official Social Media Account

Social Media Topics

It is common for businesses today to have an official social media account. All updates about the business are posted on that page. If people have queries, people will get a response on that page. With high level of engagement and quick response, you can expect people to follow your page and even remain loyal to your brand.

However, you need to make sure that whoever handles the account will remain professional and avoid posting things that could destroy the company. When using the official account, the person is already speaking in behalf of the entire business. Avoid posting anything that has not been approved or verified.

Some topics are too controversial and they might back fire if you start a conversation about these issues. Your goal is to promote your brand and not to become an activist. Be as neutral as possible in all instances.

Politics and religion

Once these topics are brought up in social media, they open a can of worms. People have different opinions regarding these issues, and they will most likely speak up to defend their stance. If your business will take a stand on these topics, regardless of which side you choose, you will most likely alienate the rest. In the US, for instance, there are only two major parties. If you choose a side that is associated with one party, you are already turning off half of the American population. It is most likely going to hurt your business in the long run.

Sale, sale, sale


Yes, the page is intended to sell your products and services. You want to promote your brand and allow people to see what you have to offer. However, you also need to limit the posts that entice people to buy. You might also publish new knowledge that people would want to read. For instance, if you are selling organic products, you can post articles about the benefits of some herbal plants. Inject humor too if possible. Try to spice things up a bit instead of talking about what you sell all the time.

Derogatory comments about direct competitors

Although some major brands engage in it, you need to avoid doing it as much as possible. Remember that the losses of your competitors is not necessarily your gain. It makes no sense to destroy the reputation of other companies just to build yours. Spread positivity and love. You want people to remember you for the good qualities of what you offer and not the dirty tactics you employed.

Unrelated topics

If you have some funny ideas or unrelated topics you wish to share, you can use your personal account for that. Do not bring the official page of the business into that mess. You are only hurting your brand with these irrelevant topics.

You need to be smart in determining which information to publish. Otherwise, your company will not be trusted anymore.

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