Tips in Doing Employee Performance Review

Employee Performance

Conducting an employee performance review is necessary to ensure that you only have the best people in your team. It doesn’t mean you’re going to fire employees who don’t perform well. The goal is to see where they are, and what you can do to help. The company’s growth depends on the employees. Hence, improving their performance is a must. Here are some tips in doing the performance review.

Use specific language and standards

Your employees should know what you’re evaluating them for, and how they can attain a high score. Everyone should understand the language used when doing the evaluations. Otherwise, you will receive complaints.

Stay positive and be constructive

Stay positive and be constructive
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Some people dislike receiving criticisms. It’s a significant challenge when dealing with employees who want to do things a certain way. Therefore, you must be cautious in doing evaluations. Ensure that the goal isn’t to criticize everyone. Instead, you hope to identify the weak spots and improve them. Offer constructive criticisms. You should stay positive when giving ideas. The goal is to boost performance and not bring spirits down.

Focus on solving issues

The problem with some evaluations is that the goal is to put blame. You can’t run performance review that way. You might end up with mass resignations. You want your employees to feel good once the evaluation is over. They know that if they can’t deal with certain aspects in doing the job, you will be there to support. You can also suggest solutions. Provide opportunities for growth. You may even send these employees to conferences or professional development training. It makes them think that you’re sincere with the goal.

Don’t be biased

Employees will know if you have biases. They will sense that you’re trying to favor one over the other. It can discourage them from performing better. They know that regardless of what they do, you won’t be happy. You should be objective in doing the reviews. Stick with the standards and offer scores based on what’s fair.

Treat everyone with respect

It doesn’t matter how disappointed you were with the performance. It doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful. You work in a professional environment. Your employees deserve better than being disrespected. Again, it may lead to resignations. Even if your goal is to improve performance, you end up looking for new people to fill the role.

Be humble

Realize that even if you’re in a higher post, your employees will challenge your views. They will tell you that your evaluation was incorrect and you might have to give it another look. They could also ask questions about your decision. Regardless of the feedback, learn to be humble. You can’t please your employees and make them feel good, especially after a bad review. Be ready to defend your evaluation and use the standards to justify the results.

Hopefully, you will succeed in evaluating your employees, and they will do better moving forward.

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