Money Miscellanea: Uncommon Simple Ways to Make Money

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Are you experiencing some financial drought and desperate for cash to make ends meet? The solution could be just within you or inside your house. There are simple ways to make money you may not be aware of.

Consider the following:

1. Returning Recently Purchased Items

There could be things you recently bought that can still be brought back to the store. This is one sure and quick way to get money if you are really in dire need for cash. Usually, you can get the full amount you paid for the item as long as you have your official receipt. There may be times when you will be asked for a restocking fee, especially when it comes to electronic items, but still you will be able to make some quick cash.

If your purchase was through a credit card, you will only be getting credit back, which isn’t really bad considering that you can use that credit for more important things you need to pay.

2. Being the Temporary Neighborhood Handyman

Offer your services to your neighbors to earn some bucks. You can offer to temporarily watch over their children, do babysitting, or take care of their pets. Likewise, you can offer your for-a-fee assistance to clean rooms, cut grass on their lawns, do some carpet or air duct cleaning, and perform several other tasks. It will be quite tedious but you will be rewarded for the effort.

You can also go beyond your neighborhood. There are websites for those who want to run chores for others or for those who want to offer some services online. Learn to tap on these opportunities.

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Image courtesy of FrameAngel /

3. Selling Your Body … Parts (Those that Can Be Replenished)

Your hair and other body parts that can be replenished can be sold to make some money. Basically, there are at least three parts of your body you can sell off legally. No, this is not about the sale of internal organs. You may not need all of your kidneys but it’s not advisable to have them removed just to earn some amount.

Hair can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the length and quality. On the other hand, there are clinics that can pay you for your plasma for up to $35. If you are healthy and if your body can take it, you can also sell your plasma two times in a week. For females who are blessed with an abundance of breast milk, there’s also the option to sell what is no longer needed.

4. Signing up for Medical Tests

There are facilities or programs that can provide money-earning opportunities for those who are willing to participate in medical research. For this, you need to be healthy and typical (normal,no physical defects). These studies are aimed at sampling the average population so you should be a good representation of what typical people are. Just be sure that you are signing up with a trustworthy, regulated, or sanctioned medical research program so you won’t end up risking your own health.

5. Sperm Donation

You can also go to some non-financial bank to get money – a sperm bank. Well, this is only applicable for men, of course. Sperm donation can rake in some $40 every time a donation is made. Typically, sperm donations can only be made once in every five days. Also, there will be tests necessary and they usually take  months. There’s also the requirement of not discharging semen when a donor commits to doing regular sperm donations.

6. Selling Junk and Items that Are No Longer Used

Well, this idea is not really uncommon. However, you may not be well-acquainted with the range of things you can actually sell and fetch some good cash with. Let’s start with the electronics. If you still have your old (ancient in tech time terms) phones—the analog or dumb ones—you can sell them for quite a price. Many would be interested in those items for their collections.

The same goes with your old rotary telephone and even your still-working VHS player and VHS tapes. If you also have game CDs or old music CDs and tapes, they can be sold for good money. It may take time for you to find the right buyer but with patience and some effort, you should be able to make money with them.

Other household items that could fetch great prices are stamps (especially those with mistakes on them), postcards, accessories, autographed items, books, heirlooms, sports equipment, glassware, collectible cards, toys, comic books, and camping gear.

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Image courtesy of phanlop88 /

If you just look around, there are many ways to make money without necessarily getting employed or engaging in a full-time business. You just have to observe some degree of caution and have some ingenuity. These are not long-term personal finance tips but they can be equally helpful in dealing with your money concerns.