Reasons to Stay Positive Despite the Current Economic State

Economic State

Just a few weeks ago, the market was doing well. Everything seemed normal. Suddenly, this pandemic hit almost every part of the world and things turned upside down. Economists forecast that things will be similar to how it was during wartime because of the impact of this pandemic. The stock market has even hit pause several times because things aren’t doing well. 

Now that social distancing has been ordered in several countries around the world, things are getting worse. The lack of economic activity makes it even more difficult for the economy to recover. We’re also blowing up national budgets to address the current needs. 

If you look at what’s happening these days, it seems like the future doesn’t seem so bright. It could even take years for recovery to happen. Despite everything that’s going on, there are still reasons to be optimistic. 

This too, shall pass

Like any other crisis faced in history, we can say that this too shall pass. It might take a few months or even years, but we will get through it. When the 2008 financial crisis happened, no one thought that the world would be able to recover from it. Although it took a few years, it still happened. It goes to show that whatever crisis we’re facing right now, we can survive it. The pandemic might seem like it’s the end of life as we know it, but the world has faced more difficult situations before. If we managed to survive those times, there’s no reason why we couldn’t survive this one too. We even have more resources available at our disposal now. 

Economic activities will be back soon

The primary reason why we’re facing economic uncertainties these days is due to the lack of economic activities. Tourism is practically dead. Flights are canceled almost everywhere. Stores are closed apart from supermarkets and pharmacies. People are at home and couldn’t participate in most economic activities. When things get back to normal, it will be better for the economy. Once these activities are happening again, it will be easier for us to recover. We can see this quick recovery once these lockdown policies and border closing orders are no longer in place.

We will find a cure

We will find a cure

The problem right now is that more people are getting infected with the virus, and there’s no clear treatment. There’s also no vaccine in place. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t doing anything. Labs are quickly finding ways to create the much-needed vaccine right away. Clinical trials are also available for newly found medicines and existing medicines that don’t have FDA approval yet. Soon, we will find a cure to this problem and it won’t be as deadly as it is now. It will become like a regular strain of flu that we have and it’s something most people would survive. When that time comes, there will be no more social distancing policies and life will go on as usual. 

We’re in a difficult place right now and almost everyone is suffering. It doesn’t mean that we will be here forever. Companies will reopen and lives will be back to normal. 

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