Working With Social Media Influencers Might Not be the Best Idea

Social Media Influencers

Several companies work with social media influencers these days. They have a wide reach and can help improve the company’s image. These influencers can also move people towards purchasing products and services immediately. While it can be a great idea, it may also backfire. Therefore, companies should think twice before working with social media influencers.

They will do anything for clout

They will do anything for clout

Social media influencers live because of followers. Their influence is determined by the number of people paying attention to their social media accounts. The problem is they might not care about their actions as long as they go viral. The old saying “bad publicity is still publicity” is still alive among influencers. Therefore, it’s risky to work with them. Your business maintains a brand and follows positive values. You don’t want to be tainted because of the partnership. You might have chosen the best partner, but you won’t know how things will move down the road.

People won’t take you seriously

While people follow social media influencers, they do it mostly for entertainment. They don’t necessarily look up to these people or see them as a moral compass. The same might happen to your business. Your target audience won’t take you seriously just like they don’t take influencers seriously. They will notice your collaboration, but won’t purchase what you offer. You would rather have established personalities as brand ambassadors. They can help push your business to a greater height. You can also hold them accountable since they have a reputation to take care of.

You will still be associated even after the partnership 

You can always end the partnership with the social media influencers once the project is over. The problem is that people have noticed the collaboration and will always associate you with that person. If the influencer has done something irresponsible several years later, people might think you have something to do with it. When this influencer goes down, your company might come with it.

Ideas might clash 

People follow influencers for their authenticity. They like how influencers stay true to who they are and won’t let anything bend to their will. When there’s a change in behavior, people will notice. As you start a project, you can’t let these influencers always be who they are. They have to follow your values since they are your ambassadors. It might hurt their image and lead to a significant loss of followers. The only alternative is to let these influencers decide how to run the project and it might not be aligned with your vision. You won’t be happy with how things turn out.

Again, influencers can help boost your company. They know how to gain attention. They can also bring your name up there with other established brands. However, it can easily go the other way and you must prepare for it. Don’t expect it to be a smooth ride. 

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