How to Reduce Risks When Working With Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers

Working with social media influencers is becoming a norm among entrepreneurs. Taking advantage of their popularity is key in promoting a brand. Influencers have a loyal following and they can convince their supporters to purchase certain products. The best part is working with these influencers isn’t as expensive as advertising on TV and other platforms. Hence, it’s enticing for entrepreneurs to work with them.

The only downside with having influencers as partners is they might do things that could hurt their reputation. Being controversial is a part of their identity. They might risk losing followers in the short term, but they will eventually regain them. Businesses working with these influencers don’t have the same privilege. They can’t have anything tarnish their image. They also can’t work with people who don’t live up to their values. If you intend on working with influencers, but worry about the potential repercussions, here’s how you can reduce the risk.



You can’t rely on what these influencers publish online. It’s easy to edit videos and manipulate the results. They may appear great through their own lens, but they could be different behind the scenes. Take your time to research about their true personality off camera. Talk to the people they work with. You may also ask other influencers who have collaborated with them. It’s not difficult for behind the scenes information to rise on top and make these influencers controversial. If you believe the person isn’t consistent with what your brand stands for, you must look for a different partner. 

Don’t give one person too much power

It’s common for brands to hire an ambassador. This person serves as the spokesperson for the brand. Back then, models and celebrities serve as the faces of various brands. The only difference is their images are more controlled. They have image consultants, publicists, managers, and other people working to make sure they look good in public. They will also do damage control should something wrong happen. Influencers don’t have the same team. If given the ambassador status, it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. Should the influencers fail, your company is going down too. You can’t afford for it to happen. 

Explain the reason for working with the influencer

You must have a clear reason for choosing the influencers as a partner. You can’t randomly choose someone for popularity alone. Again, the values must be consistent to your brand. The influencer must also believe in what you’re offering. As a viewer, you should also see yourself as a fan of this personality. It’s the only way to ensure you have the right person as a partner.

Take your time to look for an influencer. You’re taking a significant risk by working with people who may be controversial. Some influencers might not stay long in the industry, either. You should work with people you can feel confident in. 

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