Why the Bring-Your-Child-to-Work Day Remains an Excellent Tradition

Bring Your Child to Work

The idea of bringing children to work at least once a day for the year has been around for several years. Despite that, it remains a relevant tradition. There are plenty of reasons why several organizations continue doing so. 

Parents don’t have to worry about getting a sitter 

Each day, parents worry about having someone to look after their children. There are days when sitters aren’t around, or classes are canceled, and children can’t go to school. Even for only one day a year, working parents don’t have to worry about their children. Not knowing who will look after these children could worry the employees, and make them less productive. They will also have a hard time focusing at work. 

Children need to see an actual workplace

Children need to see an actual workplace

The problem with the educational system is that it is mostly theoretical. Children go to school to learn from books and the internet when there are real things and places for them to learn from. For instance, instead of talking about jobs at school, children can learn how these jobs are in an actual workplace. They can learn a lot even for a day. It also makes them understand what you do each day instead of only hearing your stories. 

You can inspire them

Some parents want their children to follow their footsteps. The problem is that instead of convincing them to take a certain path, they end up getting forced. If you let your children see what you do, it doesn’t have to end up with compulsion anymore. Once they see what you do and they get inspired, they might take the same path without being told. It feels more special when you realize that your children saw what you do and decided to take the same route. 

You make them feel loved

There are times when children don’t feel loved. They think you’re not proud of them because they’re not as smart or as talented as other children. Bringing them to work and expressing to your coworkers how proud you are of them will put an end to that speculation. They won’t think that way anymore since you said loudly that you’re proud, and in front of other people. You don’t have to brag about individual accomplishments. Saying how proud you are of your children is more than enough.

Given these reasons, you have to make the most of the opportunity to bring your children to work. It’s only a day, but it can have a lifetime impact. During that day, you can also take the time to get to know the children of your colleagues. Let them know that their parents love them and are proud of them. If there are teenagers around, you have even more reasons to extend a conversation. They might not like being there, but talking to them as mature adults would help. This day could be chaotic due to children running around, but it’s worth it. 

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