Why It’s Difficult to Fill Vacancies During the Pandemic

Filling Vacancies

You might think that it’s easier to hire people to work for your company because many of them lost their jobs. The truth is that it’s even more challenging to hire someone during this pandemic. These are the reasons why filling out the vacancies might take longer than usual.

Some people don’t actively look for work

While many people lost their jobs, they’re not actively seeking for one. It’s even more crucial to stay at home during this uncertain time. For some people, going out is a risk that they don’t want to take. It’s not only for themselves, but for their loved ones. Given the number of people who already lost their lives to this virus, going out to work can be a huge risk.

People who lost their jobs are hoping to return to old jobs

Some people who lost their jobs are still hoping that they can get back to their old posts. They know that it’s the right spot for them. They also worked hard to be in that position. Therefore, even if they already lost it, they know that it will eventually come back. Given that this pandemic is only a temporary problem, they feel positive about the future. It’s also easier for them to take the offer from their previous employers if they don’t hold a new position elsewhere.

The hiring process is more challenging 

The hiring process is more challenging

Hiring someone is challenging not only because of people who don’t look for jobs, but the quality of those who do. You might have a hard time accepting them because they don’t have enough credentials and experiences. Besides, interviewing people virtually can also pose a significant challenge. It’s easier to determine if someone is suitable for a job based on personal interactions. Even if you already have a long list of potential applicants, you might not choose any of them.

You don’t have full work capacity

Even if you’re looking for people to fill a post, you might have also laid off a couple of them. You don’t have a strong team to process a new applicant. Remember that it’s not only the interview that goes with the hiring of a new employee. There are more steps to consider. It’s more challenging if you don’t have enough people in the office.

The point is that you have to be more realistic of your expectations. Just because you believe that many people lost their jobs doesn’t mean you can immediately find someone to fill the vacancies. You should also not settle for anything less. Even if you already spent weeks finding the right candidate how much, you have to keep your standards. Otherwise, you will feel frustrated with the person you hired to do the job. It will be a significant challenge. Hopefully, you can find someone to fill the post in no time.

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