Why Give Your Employees a Flexible Schedule

As a business owner, you want your employees to work hard. You also appreciate employees who are willing to sacrifice their social lives to get things done. The truth is you should also consider that your employees aren’t robots. You can’t make them overwork and expect good results. They will eventually be exhausted and won’t be as productive as you want them to be. Hence, it makes sense to give your employees a more flexible schedule.

You allow time to recharge

You allow time to recharge

While you want your employees to work hard, you also want to ensure accuracy. It won’t be guaranteed if they’re always tired. Make sure you give them sufficient time to recover before going back to work. Not everyone has the same limits. As long as these employees finish the assigned tasks, you can let them take a break.

People work at their own pace

The work from home setup proved that it’s possible to work remotely. Employees don’t have to be in the same place to accomplish tasks. People have different pace when working. Others prefer finishing everything at once before taking a break. You will also find employees who want to take short breaks in between. Some are morning persons who are efficient during the early office hours while others wait until the last minute before they function. Regardless, you should remember that people work at their own pace. A flexible schedule ensures everyone can finish the assigned tasks when ready.

There will be fewer sick days

The last thing you want to happen is for your employees to get sick. You also don’t want them to infect everyone else in the office. Overfatigue can be a reason for calling in sick. Therefore, it helps if you allow your employees to have a more flexible schedule. They know their limits and will take a break when they feel unwell. Otherwise, you instill fear and force them to keep working until they get sick.

You focus on results

As they say, it’s not about success, but the journey. In managing your employees, it’s always about the goal. You don’t care what they do to get there as long as they make it. You trust these people to be responsible enough to know what’s expected of them. Some employees might seem lazy since they only choose to work for a few hours, but they can still achieve the desired results, and there’s nothing wrong with it. You would rather have them than employees who seem to overwork, but isn’t getting anything done.

The appearance of hard work is different from actually working. Therefore, it makes sense to let your employees follow a more flexible schedule. You don’t even have to decline their request to take a few days off. However, you must be clear with the expectations and the potential consequences for not doing the required tasks. Working hard is different from working smart, and you want one that leads to excellent results.

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