How to Make a Retiring Employee Feel Special

Retiring Employee

After several years of dedicating themselves to a company, some employees have to call it quits because of their age. In some places, there’s a mandatory retirement age. You should make these employees feel special. It’s not easy for them to finally say goodbye, but it feels better if they know that they contributed a lot to the success of the company. Make them feel that way before the day of the retirement.

Throw a retirement party

Throw a retirement party

You can coordinate a surprise retirement party with your other employees. Let them know that you want to host it for the person who is about to leave. It’s also an opportunity for everyone to gather and celebrate an important milestone. Besides, it shows that the company respects and holds to high regard those who stayed loyal. It will inspire other employees to also stay for as long as they can. You don’t have to throw a lavish party. The important thing is that you celebrate this important moment. 

Offer a potential part-time job

Some retiring employees dread that retirement day. They don’t want to say goodbye. They also hate the idea that they’re no longer useful. Some of them even think that their value is only connected to their work. Now that they can no longer do it, they don’t feel good. Therefore, it helps if you can offer a part-time position. It’s true not only for retiring employees, but to the elderly population in general. Imagine holding an important post and suddenly not working. Even if the role doesn’t pay well, these retired employees will still accept the opportunity to keep working.

Give monetary rewards 

Another reason why song employees don’t want to retire is that they are not yet financially stable. They worry that when they no longer have a regular income source, they couldn’t afford to do the things they want. Even if they will start to receive pension and other benefits, the amount might not be enough. It’s only a fraction of what they used to receive back when they were regular employees. Therefore, offering a monetary reward is helpful in making them feel confident about their decision to retire. The amount should be good enough based on what you think would be necessary to help the employee.

Let everyone share a few words 

It’s even more meaningful if everyone can share a few words. There are instances when people don’t want to go to work because they don’t like the people they’re working with. It also makes them feel that the work environment isn’t too friendly. However, on the retirement day, hearing all these positive words would mean a lot. It shows that whatever differences they’ve had with other employees are no longer applicable. These differences only happen for professional reasons, and have nothing to do with personality. It also helps to end everything on a positive note.

You are retired employee contributed a lot to the business. Making this person feel special is the least you can do.

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