Ways to Hide Your Frustration When Meeting With Your Employees

Meeting with Employees

It’s challenging to prevent how you feel when you face your employees during a meeting especially when they failed to meet your expectations. Despite that, you can’t show how you feel. You know that showing your frustration could be counterproductive. Instead of motivating them to be better, it could go the other way. Therefore, even if you are in a difficult spot, you have to try your best to stay in control.

Express everything you feel before entering the meeting room

Before the meeting begins, you need to find a way to express your frustration. You can speak with a friend or shout in an empty room. The goal is for you to reduce the tension that’s building in your heart. By the time that you get inside the room, you won’t feel flared up anymore.

Create a clear agenda

You didn’t call the meeting to express your anger towards the employees. You did it because you want a meaningful conversation. It helps if you have a clear agenda to help steer the conversation. Even if you’re enraged, you will hold yourself because you know there are more important things to discuss about.

Find something positive

Find something positive

Even if there’s a significant goal that the team didn’t achieve, there could be other aspects that you might want to show appreciation for. It might be a small thing, but at least, it’s positive. You have to tell everyone about it so that the room won’t be filled with negative energy.

Look forward to the next project

You have to evaluate what went wrong with what the team before so you can avoid it in the future. It doesn’t mean that you have to get stuck with it. You have to ensure that you create steps to move on to the next project. You can make it up this time and you can encourage the employees to do the same.

You can’t show rage all the time

There was a time in the past when managers express anger inside the meeting room. Several studies that such an attitude towards work reduces the motivation of the employees. Therefore, you have to learn how to hide how you truly feel. Besides, you don’t want your employees to leave the company. Even if they failed, it doesn’t mean they are terrible workers. They could still do better in the future, and it’s your responsibility to bring out that side.

Imagine if you already felt disappointed and lost hope as the leader. It would be even worse for the rest of your team. You are responsible in encouraging everyone to stand up again and continue fighting. Remind everyone that the failure was a minor bump on the road, and they can do better next time.

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