Ways to Help New Employees Feel Confident at Work

New Employees

It’s not easy being new at a job. You always walk oh eggshells because you don’t know everyone in the office. You also try to look confident and know what you’re doing, but there are still a lot of things you don’t know. It could take a while before you can fully adjust. Even during the meetings, you decide to keep quiet because you still try to figure out the dynamics. 

If you’re running a business and you have some new employees, these are a few tips to help boost their confidence.

Give them a voice 

Give them a voice

Don’t dominate the discussion during a meeting. If you feel like the senior employees are doing most of the talking, you have to remind the newbies about it. You don’t necessarily expect the best response from employees who are new to the team, but it’s an excellent idea to give them a voice. Make them feel comfortable in speaking out. 

Make them a part of a committee

If there are special projects currently worked on by a team, you can ask the new employee to be a part of it. You want that employee to feel useful in the company. Of course, you can’t expect the best results, but there’s definitely something to learn in the process. You also have to inform the senior employees to provide guidance while working. 

Commend them for their hard work

Don’t forget to say thank you to your employees for doing a good job. It doesn’t matter how small the contribution was. Make it a habit to acknowledge hard work. You can say it in person, or you can leave a thank you note. The truth is that you have to do it to everyone, and not only your new employees. You will motivate your employees to do better by acknowledging what they do. 

Never humiliate them

It’s understandable if there are times when you want to be angry because of a terrible performance. However, you need to understand that you have a new employee who is still figuring out what to do. There’s no point in screaming at this employee. If anything, you’re only making this person feel bad. It’s a learning process, and you need to be a good mentor. Humiliating someone else shouldn’t be a part of it. 

Be patient

Not all employees will do well at the job right away. Some of them are like car engines that take time to heat up. Once they do, they’re unstoppable. Therefore, you need to be patient. Try your best to provide guidance and be as understanding as possible. Besides, firing this employee and starting over again would be a more difficult and time-consuming option. 

Hopefully, your new employee eventually becomes comfortable with the job, and do even better in the future. With your guidance and leadership, it’s possible. 

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