Red Flags to Watch Out When Hiring Someone for the Job

Hiring Someone

Hiring people to join your team could take some time. You have a set of applicants, and you need to ensure that you are getting the best from the bunch. Otherwise, you might be losing an opportunity to work with a qualified employee. You could also be hiring someone who would pose more problems for the team. These are some red flags you need to observe during the screening process. Once you see one too many red flags, you have to exclude that candidate even if you see tons of potentials.

Considering themselves as victims

When you ask an applicant about the decision to leave the previous job, you need to receive honest responses. However, if the said response feels more like the previous company was to be blamed, it is a red flag. Telling you that the company did not provide an opportunity for employees to learn or they felt that the said company was boring shows that they are unwilling to accept mistakes. They always blame others for problems that they could have solved. Badmouthing previous employers is also a red flag you could not forgive.


It is common for young people to move from one job to another. You do not necessarily exclude these people from your selection. If they are still young, they are on the process of discovering themselves and what they want to happen. It becomes a red flag though if they are already getting old and they still could not stay long on a job. It gets worse if you ask the reason for regularly moving to another company, and they could not give a good excuse.

Salary obsession

Yes, it is practical to talk about how much you are going to offer to candidates for a position. People are searching for jobs as means of livelihood. However, once that part has already been discussed, there is no point in going back to that. If you keep receiving questions about compensation, or the issue keeps being brought back in the conversation, it is a red flag. You are hiring someone who is after personal gains over anything else.

Rehearsed answers

It is a good thing for applicants to prepare before going to an interview. It shows that they really want the job. However, when you ask them questions and they seem to have a robotic response, it means that you are not getting authentic answers from them. You cannot gauge their sincerity in every question. They might also answer generic responses that do not mean anything. Even when asked about their biggest mistake in life, they seem too rehearsed that you will think they lived a perfect life.   

These are only a few of the red flags that should make you rethink your decision. Even if that candidate has great credentials and you see the potential to do well, it does not mean you already have the right person for the job.

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