Receiving a Promotion Doesn’t Mean You Will Say Yes


You work hard to impress your bosses and ensure that you keep your job. If you’re newly hired, you might even be under a probation period. Hence, you will do everything to keep your job. Eventually, the management team will notice your performance and give you a promotion. It’s a sign that your performance was appreciated and your effort didn’t go unnoticed. Before you say yes, realize that the promotion comes with a responsibility. Whether you’re new to the job or not, you must still evaluate the problem opportunity before saying yes. Here’s why. 

The position might not suit you

You’ve shown excellence doing a task that matches your skills and experience. The promotion might be for a position that you know nothing about. Sure, you will get a raise. It’s also a step above where you are now. However, you might not do the job well and it could adversely impact your position in the company. You would rather stay where you are and wait until there’s an opening that matches your skill. 

It requires leadership skills

It requires leadership skills

You must also evaluate your ability to lead other people. You’re doing well now because you’re on your own. You can do whatever you want. It might be different once asked to lead others. You are yet to display that capability. You’re also not the most sociable person. Hence, you should give it another thought if you’re not yet ready to lead. Remember that people will rely on you and the responsibility falls on your shoulders should something wrong happen.

You have other job prospects

Don’t accept the offer if you don’t intend to stay long in the company anyway. You’re either thinking of grabbing a different job opportunity or working in a different industry. It would be unfair for your current employer if you accept the post and decide to leave once you find a better opportunity. Wait until you find what you deserve. 

Make sure politics doesn’t play into the decision 

Another critical factor in determining if you will say yes is what went into the decision. You don’t want people to frown on you because you took the post based on connections. You either know the people on top or your family has a long history with the business. You’re not getting the promotion based on merits and it’s not a good thing. You will most likely end up having more enemies than friends when you accept the post. Check if you’re getting the offer based on your credentials, experience and performance before saying yes.

Think hard before you say yes to the offer. If you turn it down, don’t feel bad. A better opportunity will eventually come. Once it does, you will be grateful since it’s what is close to your heart. Keep working hard and don’t decide only based of off potential promotions. 

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