Reasons Not to Stress Your Employees about Targets You Need to Hit

Stress performance

Every company has an objective to meet. The employees have to work hard and do their share so that these goals are reached. Anyone who takes part in the team needs to understand these responsibilities. It needs to be clear right from the start. Understanding the short-term goals and the bigger picture are crucial in the success of the team. 

However, it’s also important to understand that employees don’t have to be reminded all the time regarding these goals. It can be very stressful. The constant reminder will make them feel distracted. 

It doesn’t reflect well of the company

Constantly reminding employees that it’s all about meeting the target doesn’t reflect well what the company stands for. It’s a good thing to be clear with what needs to be achieved. The problem is when the company doesn’t seem to care about everything else. These employees also need to take a break. Their welfare should also be taken into consideration. The obsession over the goals might make these employees think that they have to overwork to impress the bosses. 

Be realistic

Another problem in being too focused on these targets is that they tend to be unrealistic. Employees are asked to do things beyond their capacity. They are under immense pressure to do things that they couldn’t. As a result, they will either fail to do what is asked of them, or they might end up leaving the job. Placing your employees under too much stress could lead to a high turnover rate, and it will be worse for the company.

Track the performance of your employees


It’s possible for you to determine where your employees are in regards to their performance. My following up with them, you will know if they are on the right track. You will also know if they are behind schedule. However, you have to be careful in determining if they’re doing well since it could also put them under pressure. If you think that they are already behind the others, you have to offer a lending hand. Your role as a leader isn’t only to keep telling your employees what to do, but also be there if your help is needed.

It’s all about collaboration

It’s also important to let everyone know that being a part of the team means you have to work together. Collaboration is crucial for the success of the team. When someone needs help, it’s important that everyone is willing to be there for support. Achieving the targets is an only the responsibility of one person but of everyone in the group. No one must feel pressured because of these responsibilities.

To encourage your employees, you might think about giving them bonuses as a result of their performance. Although it’s a good thing to acknowledge their hard work through these bonuses, the problem is that you might also pressure them to work beyond her capacity so they will receive the bonus. There are ways to motivate your employees without necessarily making them feel terrible about the job.

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