These Common Mistakes Could Kill Your Recruitment Efforts

Recruitment Mistakes

You want to get the best people to work with your team. You dont want to lose potential candidates because you did not try hard enough. For small businesses, it is even harder because you need to compete against bigger brands that are able to offer more competitive salaries. They are also more reliable in the eyes of many. It does not mean that the game is over though. You still have a chance if you dont commit these mistakes.

You hire for the sake of filling the position out

It is a big mistake that a lot of people commit because they are in a hurry. You cant get quality results when you are always rushing to fill the position. You might not screen the candidates well. You might also end up getting the wrong person because the resume seems impressive. You also overestimate the capability of the said person because you did not do a thorough background check. Conversely, you might not give a chance to people who could have tons of capabilities because you felt that they were not good enough during your initial screening.

You hire for the sake of filling the position out

You dont have a brand

You need to focus on branding before you can expect to hire the best people for the job. No one wants to choose a company that does not have a clear brand. They wont see themselves being a part of that team. They also dont know if their skills are suitable with what the company wants. Branding is not about offering high salary. It is about having clear mission and objectives.

You dont tell the truth

Even when you initially succeed in hiring quality candidates, you could still end up losing them if you are not telling the truth. For instance, you did not tell them exactly how many hours they are going to work. You did not explain to them that there could be lots of outdoor jobs that they need to accomplish. They also did not know that there are other tasks they have to do beyond the job description you have posted. More people today are concerned of having work-life balance, and giving them a competitive salary alone is not enough to convince them.

You are too lazy to improve your job post

Everything starts with a job post. Regardless of the platform that you have chosen to advertise, it is crucial to come up with something interesting. Otherwise, people will skip the post and look for the next one. If you want to prove to them that you deserve to be chosen, you need to start with a detailed job description, highlighting the interesting aspects.

By avoiding these mistakes, it is easier for you to convince top quality candidates to apply for the position. You need to screen all the applications you have received until you find the perfect fit for the role.

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