Reasons Not to Dismiss Crazy Marketing Campaign Ideas

Marketing Campaigns

It might be easy for you to dismiss your employees with terrible marketing ideas. You think that these ideas aren’t worth pursuing at all. You might even laugh at them despite seeing how serious they are with those plans. It’s foolish of you to think that these marketing ideas aren’t worth your time. You have to listen to everyone or you will regret that you dismissed ideas right away. 

You can’t always take the safe route 

When something doesn’t excite or make you question, it’s probably a terrible idea. It means that it’s another campaign that you already did in the past and there’s nothing about it that’s worth trying. You can only say that it’s probably a great idea when it makes you scratch your head. It shows that no one else has done it before, and it’s worth a closer look. Your marketing campaign won’t attract attention if it’s something people are already familiar of. This crazy idea might make people think twice and could appeal to them in ways you’ve never imagined. 

These ideas are still meant to be polished


You brainstorm marketing plans with your employees, but it doesn’t mean those ideas are already final. You will still polish them. Everything will go through a process, and it takes time before you approve the final campaign. Therefore, it makes no sense to dismiss these crazy plans earlier on. They might be worth taking a second look.

They’re not that crazy for your employees

You think that those plans are crazy and not worth trying, but they’re something serious for your employees. You might hurt their feelings by dismissing them right away. They also need to know that you recognize their efforts. You don’t want to make them feel discouraged to keep thinking harder in the future. 

Your ideas might be outdated

You think that your employees are wrong for suggesting something you find absurd. The truth is that you’ve been in this business for far too long, and your ideas are no longer up to date. Therefore, it won’t hurt you to consider what other people say and take them seriously. If not, you can consult with someone else to see if others agree with your views. If you’re incorrect, you have to be humble in accepting your mistakes. You also need to try harder to learn from modern marketing trends. 

You need to call your employees to brainstorm ideas with you. The goal is to collect as much information as possible from them. This meeting is not the right time for you to dismiss things that you are not familiar with. You might even have to ask for people outside your marketing team to help in planning the next campaign. Allow new ideas to enter your company so that you can expect better results. Your business will only survive if you keep on innovating and you don’t rely on what do you think is good enough.

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