How to Manage a Remote Marketing Team

Remote Marketing Team

Since the pandemic began, most companies have decided to work remotely. It’s safer to have everyone away from the office without sacrificing work. It also allows employees to have more flexibility in doing their jobs. If you run a marketing company or you’re assigned to deal with the marketing department of your company, below are some tips in managing your employees remotely.

Create a remote work policy

Create a remote work policy

Since people have to work from home, the rules that apply in a regular office environment won’t be the same anymore. You should create a new rule book since you can’t enforce those policies as they may be deemed unfair. For instance, you can’t force everyone to start working at the same time. Besides, it doesn’t matter when people work as long as they can get things done.

Build a flexible marketing plan

You must also be more flexible with your marketing plan. The practices you deemed successful before might not apply anymore. You should change the way you do things since you focus on remote operations. Besides, your marketing strategies also revolve around social media and other online platforms.

Organize regular meetings

You can use various apps to continue meeting with your employees online. It’s easy to set a date and send a link where everyone can join. The only problem is you might rely heavily on the app and decide to call for meetings all the time. It won’t be productive and it will only hurt your efforts. Your employees won’t feel good about the meetings. You must only do it when there are essential topics to discuss. You can also divide the meetings into groups, depending on who must be there. You don’t need a general meeting involving all the team members.

Use the right tools to evaluate performance

You must also have metrics to determine how well everyone performs. You want the team to be responsible with their assigned tasks even if no one is around to watch what they do. You don’t need to have a screen monitor if your goal is for the employees to work while on the lock. Allow them to work whenever they want as long as they can finish what you’ve asked of them. There are also consequences for failing to meet the requirements.

Be open to ideas

Since there’s no clear formula in running a team remotely, you should be open to new ideas. You might still be running everything blindly or moving forward as everything goes. Therefore, it pays to be more open-minded. Your team members might suggest ways to boost your department’s performance.

With these tips, you will do a better job in managing your marketing team. You can also expect everyone to work collaboratively until you return to a regular setup. Be humble enough to accept that you don’t know everything and you will try something else if the previous ways didn’t work.

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